P.E / Sensory Wish List

Therapy Bands

Therapy bands will benefit or kids with the use of being able to improve core strength.

Spectrum Catch Disc 12 Player Set

PE essential! This gives our students the ability to be able to catch.

Youth Soccer Nets

Soccer nets are a great accessory to many sports. Our students use them with soccer, cage ball, and hockey. They fold for easy storage.

Smelly Scented Kids Fruit Balls

Introduces a multi level sensory base to the students using smell and touch.

Slant Board

Allows forearm stabilization and provides optimal positioning for hand writing.

National Geographic Stepping Stones

Great for balancing and encourages fun imaginative play and can improve motor skills.

Gel Stimulator Tray

Moving stars will keep our students content and safely seated in their wheelchair, providing both tactile and visual stimulation to reduce agitation and restlessness.

Sensory Floor Tiles

With the mat, you can add an original accent to your room. Put the mat on the floor, it will perfectly complement the interior and will delight your little ones!

Push Pop Sensory Toys

Pop-its help relieve stress for children with high anxiety and helps soothe the child.

Sensory Discs (Set of 5)

Challenges children's sense of touch of both hands and feet. Suitable for all ages.

The Zone Wheelchair Soccer Pad

Having our students play soccer without the ball getting stuck under their chairs would be a great pick.

Clouds in the Sky

Helps soften UV light is could help to calm students when they are upset or just need a break.

Outdoor Storage Container

This is an efficient way to store our outdoor PE equipment it is beneficial for students as our equipment won't get ruined.

Bean Bags

This set is great to help with eye hand coordination and motor skills! The opportunities are endless, as long as the imagination is working.

Giant Bowling Set

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use for PE. Our kids love bowling!

Jumbo Darts

Made for students with all abilities this dartboard game will have them enjoying the outdoors.

Busy Board

This wooden sensory toy promote kids' excitement while playing and help kids to explore the part of mechanical world and learn basic skills.

Reusable Water Coloring Books

Eco-friendly and non-toxic design of water paint books for our students to enjoy drawing without ink which makes mess free away and more safety.

Transluscent Sensory Balls

Sensory processing therapy toys have been shown to be effective as sensory Processing Disorder Toys. Our students love watching these fall from there hands.

Stretchy Bands

Stretchy Bands are colorful and fun to use in creative movement activities. Latex tubing is covered with brightly-colored cloth which can be removed and washed.

Little Tikes Basketball Hoop

Helping our students learn and how to apply social and motor skills.

Bendy Segment Attachment Tubes

Colorful Play and Fun Tubing – A fun, interactive toy for kids, these pop tubes let children stretch, build, connect, spin, bend, and play with them in a variety of ways.

Textured Bean Bags

Scratchy, slippery, silky, or soft? Our students can build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as they interact with these textured squares in a variety of "hands-on" activities.