COVID 19 Adjustments

Lighted Way ESY 2021

We are so glad to see our kids again!!

Watch this video to see how we kept in touch with our students while we were away: click here

Lighted Way is committed to keeping students engaged in their learning during this statewide school closure. It is very important to our teachers and related service providers that each of our students maintain their own personal level of academic, physical, and communication skills as we spend some time apart. Please review the Lighted Way Remote Learning Plan below.

We have been informed today, May 6th, that Remote Learning will remain in place for our Extended School Year session from June 8 - July 3rd. We will notify families as soon as we receive guidance from ISBE in regard to the start of school in the fall.

Thank you for continuing to value the education your child deserves and for partnering with us to provide the materials you need to be the best Teacher you can be! We will continue to inform you as quickly as we can about any further changes to school services. Please feel free to text, call, or email with any questions you may have. We appreciate your partnership through these unforeseen circumstances.


Lighted Way staff will be delivering the 5th round of materials to each student home on Monday, June 8th. These materials will be used June 9th - 19th.

On June 8th we will also be picking up all Spaghetti Dinner raffle books that have been sold and the money to support the sales.

Our 6th delivery will be on Monday, June 22nd to be used June 23 - July 2nd. We will have a pick-up on Friday, July 3rd to gather all materials and containers. THANK YOU!

Information From the Executive Director: Remote Learning Plan

Lighted Way Remote Learning Plan for COVID-19 School Closure