COVID 19 Adjustments

Our doors are open!

Dear Parent/Guardian, 8/6/21


Our wonderful staff at Lighted Way are so very excited to welcome all of our students back to 5 consecutive days of face-to-face learning! It will truly be a joy to develop schedules and routines within our school building to help guide all of us through a successful year! We welcome 2 new teachers to our Team of 5! Allison Nichols will lead our Elementary Classroom and Ashley Stone will lead our Middle School Classroom. Both Teachers were with us through ESY and are eager to get the school year started! We also welcome 10 new Paraprofessionals to assist our teachers and students!

As we approach the start of the school year on Wednesday, August 18th, please be mindful of the CDC/IDPH Covid 19 guidelines and be sure your child is fever free and not exhibiting any Covid 19 symptoms before sending them to school each day. Just a reminder, if they will not be in attendance, please call our school office as well as transport. Also, if your child has been vaccinated against Covid 19, please send a copy of the Covid 19 vaccination to school for us to have in our files in case of exposure. Please be aware that we will do our best to maintain a reasonable distance between our students, to the best of our ability.

Just so you know, masks will be worn by school staff while inside and outside the building. As we continue to work through this unprecedented time, please know that our Lighted Way Team is focused on keeping all students safe and engaged in their education. Our building will continue to maintain a high level of cleanliness. With that being said, it is a state requirement for me to continue to inform you that we have just completed our visual surveillance visit of asbestos containing areas which is conducted every 6 months with reinspection every 3 years. If you are interested in viewing our records please feel free to let me know.

Due to the uncertainty in the world right now, we have decided to hold off on attending Aquatics and Horseback riding. We will do our best to plan activities for our students that will allow them to get outside as often as possible. If a trip is taken into the community where we will be inside a building, we will require students to wear either a mask or a face shield. If neither of these is possible, the classroom teacher will determine an alternative activity for the student to participate in.

Our theme this school year is: A Magical Year Where Everything is Possible! As a Lighted Way Team, we will work together to make this the most exciting, impactful school year your child has ever had! We are thrilled to have all of our students 5 days a week...what a magical experience in itself!

Please call or email me with any comments, questions or concerns you may have this school year! Thank you for all of your support as we make this our best year yet!

Take care and be safe,


Cell#: 309-303-0289

We are so glad to see our kids again!!

Watch this video to see how we kept in touch with our students while we were away: click here