Mrs. Grubich's Class

All About Me

Hello and welcome to my teacher page! My name is Kristen Grubich and I grew up in LaSalle, Illinois. I graduated in 2006 from Illinois State University with my Bachelor's Degree in Special Education. I have many years of volunteer experience, as well as twelve years of teaching experience, working with students with special needs.

Fun Facts About Mrs. Grubich

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Foods: Pizza & Tacos

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke

Favorite Stores: Target & Amazon

Favorite Restaurant: Applebees

Favorite Season: Fall

Hobbies: Crafting & Baking

My Family: I have a husband named Jason and three beautiful daughters, Elyse (7), Emma (4), and Eliana (2).

My Curriculum

Unique Learning System

We are excited to introduce our students to a new curriculum in the near future!

Unique Learning System is a standards-based curriculum program that addresses learning outcomes in three levels of differentiation. The program emphasizes that all students will participate in age and grade appropriate materials, not developmental levels. Additionally, all students will participate in the same or similar activities with differentiation of expectations based on the students abilities.

I look forward to exploring the new curriculum with your child!

Task Box Work Systems

This system allows for students who need a high level of structure to experience success. This approach is successful for students who are beginning their educational journey while developing greater independence.

What does this system look like?

Tasks are located to the student's left, within easy reach. The number of tasks (at the discretion of the classroom staff) tells the student visually how much work there is to complete.

Tasks are visually structured so the student knows what the work to be completed is.

When each task is completed, the student places the task in the finished basket, located to the students right.

Directly after the student has finished working, there is a reward, treat or indication of where to go and what to do next.

Contact Information

I love to have conversations with parents throughout the school year. Please always contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I want to partner with you to best serve your child.

Phone: 1.815.224.1345



Meet the Classroom Staff...

Deanna, Paraprofessional

Favorite Color: Mauve

Favorite Food: Broccili & Steak

Favorite Restaurant: Jake's Pour House

Hobbies: Cleaning & Organizing

Years at Lighted Way: 17 years

Teresa, Paraprofessional

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden

Hobbies: Hiking & Gardening

Years at Lighted Way: 11 years

Missy, Paraprofessional

Favorite Store: Walmart

Favorite Animal: Chinchilla

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden

Favorite Food: Chinese

Years at Lighted Way: 6 months

Sue, Paraprofessional

Favorite Thing to Eat: Corn Chips

Favorite Thing to Drink: Iced Tea