Training Center Fun

Ms. Sarah

Washing the dishes

Mr. Nathan

Ms. Mackenzie

Ms. Sarah enjoys her snack

Ms. Riley is happy with her work

Mr. Nathan can not be bothered when it is snack time.

Ms. Infinity let Ms. Alexis swing with

Ms. Sam talks with the ladies table

Ms. Mackenzie is pleased with her work

Packing for our friends during the holidays

Job Coaches: Ms. Elli, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Teresa help our young workers

Mr. Christopher is clowing around with Mr. Jef

Ms. Gina help Ms. Sarah learn on our brand new interactive board!!!

Mr. Dawson works independently at his station. Way to go Mr. Dawson!!

Ms. Elli shows Mr. Nathan how to use the new interactive board

Hard work at the Transition Training Center

Ms. Mackenzie takes a break and a selfie with Mr. Jef. 

Always time for a laugh

Job coach Ms. Teresa has a quick laugh with Mr. Christopher and Ms. Riley and Ms. Sarah

Enjoying the music

Mr. Dawson relaxes to the music from Michelle!

Recipe Review

Ms. Infinity is all work, reviewing the visual steps she has completed