Transition Training Center

Mr. Jef

Favorite movie: Oh brother where art thou

Favorite activity: Walking the I&M Canal

Pet: A white cat named Jimmy

Ms. Michelle

Favorite Activity: Spending time with grand 

Fun Fact: I have worked here for over 30 years.

Fun Fact 2: I can play the bass guitar 

Ms. Gina

Pet: A German short haired pointer named Diesel

Hobbies: Swimming and Baking (not at the same time)

Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind

Ms. Elli

Fun Fact: I can play 10 plus instruments

Favorite Activity: Crafting

Pet: A chameleon named Ninja 

Ms. Crystal

Favorite Movie: Matilda 

 Crystal is going to school to be a PTA

She is terrified of dogs

She can't wait to be a mom some day

Ms. Teresa

Pet: a dog named Sam

Favorite Activity: Hiking

Favorite Movie: The Devil Wears Prada

Ms. Alexis

Pet: Australian Shepard 

Favorite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama

Fun Fact: I like to listen to audio books 

Ms. Piper

Fun Fact: Had a pet scorpion

Fun Fact: Built an IKEA dressor without instructions!!!!

Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing 

Ms. Barbie

Pets: 2 Yorkies

Hobbies: Flower Gardening and going to the beach

Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption