Brittany Muller

Early Childhood Teacher 

About Brittany 

Brittany started working with young students at The Kids Place in La Salle in 2006. This is when she really figured out that working with young children was where her purpose is. It was during this time she started going to college for Early Childhood Education through Kendall College. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in special education, she got her Master’s through Ashford University for working with bilingual students. On a personal note, she loves dogs and the band Pearl Jam. Reading, writing, and thinking of ideas for children's books are often on her leisure list. Brittany loves her students with all her heart. Because she does not yet have children of her own, her students are a big part of her life. 

About Jara

This is Jara's first year at Lighted Way! She has had experience working with people with special needs, especially in her own family. Jara is a talented painter and artist who brings a lot of joy and happiness into the classroom. Jara loves working with students and loves helping them learn and grow. 

About April 

Before working at Lighted Way, April was a nanny for twins. April has worked for Lighted Way for 14+ years. She has three boys and a loving husband. She enjoys cooking, art, and crafts. Much of her life has been dedicated to educating young students! April is also a talented artist and enjoys making crafts. April makes learning fun and exciting--she is also the main janitor at the school, keeping it spotless!

About Rachel 

 Rachel has been a paraprofessional for over 18 years.  When her children were young, she taught Bible School and Sunday School.  Rachel has worked retail, fast food, and at a grocery store. She worked for Valley Flowers and continues a hobby of making florals. Rachel has a magnetic personality and she flows out love and joy. Rachel has been an asset to Lighted Way for many years. 

About Kim 

Kim is a loving mother and recently a new grandmother! She  worked at Head Start for a lot of years. She lives in Spring Valley and loves owls and spending time with the Lighted Way students. 

About Mary Jo

Mary Jo has been at Lighted Way for over 5 years. She loves music, dancing, reading, and going for walks in her spare time. Her favorite season is summer because she loves to be in her pool while also gardening and doing yard work. Mary Jo is extremely caring and supportive of our students. She instills independence! 

About Jyllian 

Jyllian loves working the students at Lighted Way! She believes each and every student is exceptional. Every day is different and a great opportunity to learn and have fun. Jyllian loves camping with her family, which includes camp fires, fishing, and playing games. Jyllian has a wonderful husband, seven-year-old daughter who is cute as a bug, and three dogs!