Ms. Allison's Class

Our Curriculum

Unique Learning System

Unique Learning System is a standards-based curriculum program that addresses learning outcomes in three levels of differentiation. The program emphasizes that all students will participate in age and grade appropriate materials, not developmental levels. Additionally, all students will participate in the same or similar activities with differentiation of expectations based on the students' abilities.

Task Box Work Systems

This system allows for students who need a high level of structure to experience success. This approach is successful for students who are beginning their educational journey while developing greater independence.

What does this system look like?

Tasks are located to the student's left, within easy reach. The number of tasks (at the discretion of the classroom staff) tells the student visually how much work there is to complete.

Tasks are visually structured, so the student knows what the work to be completed is.

When each task is completed, the student places the task in the finished basket, located to the students right.

Directly after the student has finished working, there is a reward, treat or indication of where to go and what to do next.

Contact Information


Allison, Classroom Teacher

Hi everyone! I am very excited to be starting my second year at Lighted Way in the elementary classroom! Working at Lighted Way has been an amazing experience and I look forward to all the years ahead of me. I have two daughters, Anastasia and Ella, and have been married for 11 years. In my free time, I love watching the Chicago Bears play and vacationing with my family.

Deanna, Paraprofessional

Deanna just started her 20th year at Lighted Way! We are very excited to have her on our elementary classroom team! Deanna has a son, Joe and enjoys being outside.

Zia, Paraprofessional

I am Zia and I just started working at Lighted Way. I have been a paraprofessional for over 4 years and am very excited to be joining the elementary team! My favorite thing to eat is pickles and I love being outside in my free time!

Caitlin, Paraprofessional

I am Caitlin and I just started my second year at Lighted Way in the elementary classroom. I live in Cherry with my husband, best friend, and two cats. My favorite restaurant is El Zarape, I love the color purple, and GO BEARS!

Erik, Paraprofessional

Erik is beginning her second year at Lighted Way. Erik lives with his fiancé and son in Utica. His favorite color is purple, and he loves a good home-cooked meal.

Chris, Paraprofessional

Chris just joined our team this school year and is very excited to work with all of our amazing students.

Missy, Paraprofessional

My name is Missy and I have worked at Lighted Way for 4 years. I have three daughters, 3 dogs, 2 chinchillas, and 1 guinea pig.

Amber, Paraprofessional

I am Amber and I am beginning second year at Lighted Way. I have five children and love watching them grow and learn. My favorite thing to do is spend time play video game and crochet.

Allison, Paraprofessional

Allison is beginning her 8th year at Lighted Way, and we couldn't be happier she is part of our elementary team. Allison has a young daughter named Morgan and loves spending time with her family.

Zoe, Paraprofessional

Zoe has been a paraprofessional in the elementary classroom for two years. In her free time, she participates in local plays and loves singing and dancing.