Ms. Allison's 

Primary Classroom

Our Curriculum

Unique Learning System

Unique Learning System is a standards-based curriculum program that addresses learning outcomes in three levels of differentiation.  The program emphasizes that all students will participate in age and grade appropriate materials, not developmental levels. Additionally, all students will participate in the same or similar activities with differentiation of expectations based on the students' abilities.

Our Classroom 

The primary classroom is set up to help meet the needs of each individual student. Each student has a workstation that is set up to meet their educational needs. We participate in group several times throughout the day, motor-time, music class, story time, art class, and many other educational activities. Our team comes with a wealth of knowledge that creates an environment conducive of student engagement and growth. 

Teacher Contact Information

Allison Nichols 

School Phone Number 815-224-1345 

Allison, Classroom Teacher

Hi everyone! I am very excited to be starting my third year at Lighted Way in the primary classroom! Working at Lighted Way has been an amazing experience and I look forward to all the years ahead of me. I have two daughters, Anastasia and Ella, and have been married for 12 years. In my free time, I love watching football, my daughters play sports,  and vacationing with my family.  

Deanna, Paraprofessional

Deanna just started her 22nd year at Lighted Way! We are very excited to have her on our primary classroom team! Deanna has a son, Joe and enjoys being outside, and loves the Hallmark channel. 

Rose, Paraprofessional

I am Rose and this is my first year at Lighted Way! I am so grateful to be part of the primary classroom team! I enjoy playing Skyrim, kayaking and hiking, and hanging out with my friends. 

Caitlin, Paraprofessional

I am Caitlin and I just started my third year at Lighted Way in the primary classroom. I live in Cherry with my husband, best friend, and two cats. My favorite restaurant is Taco Guzman, I love the color purple, and GO BEARS! 

Kim, Paraprofessional

Kim has worked at Lighted Way for three years and has over 18 years of experience in the classroom. Kim lives with her husband, Joe, in Ottawa and enjoys being with her animals and avoiding cleaning on the weekends. 

Chris, Paraprofessional

My name is Chris and I am starting my second year at Lighted Way. I love working with all of the students in the primary classroom. I also love spending time with my grandson, Teddy, and my two daughters. 

Missy, Paraprofessional

My name is Missy and I have worked at Lighted Way for 5 years. I have three daughters, 3 dogs, 2 chinchillas, and 1 guinea pig. 

Amber, Paraprofessional

I am Amber and I am beginning third year at Lighted Way. I have five children and love watching them grow and learn. My favorite thing to do is spend time playing video games and crocheting. 

Chrisi, Paraprofessional

Chrisi has been a paraprofessional for two years at Lighted Way and is excited to be in a new building. Chrisi has two daughters and lives in LaSalle with her husband. I love drinking coffee and my cats. 

Monica, Paraprofessional

Monica is beginning her first full year at Lighted Way in the primary classroom. She lives in LaMoille out in the country. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in education. 

Amy, Paraprofessional 

Amy began working at Lighted Way in 2023 and comes with a wealth of knowledge in many different faucets. She lives in LaSalle with her family and loves taking lunch breaks to the Quick Trip.